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11. The Power of Intuition: Creating a Vision Board Using Intuition and Resonance as Your Guides

January 16, 2024 Jen
Mom Writes First
11. The Power of Intuition: Creating a Vision Board Using Intuition and Resonance as Your Guides
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Discover the transformative power of intuition 

Creating a Vision Board using Power of Intuiton

In this episode, Jen discusses the power of intuition in creating a vision board that helps visualize the future self. With emphasis on non-judgment and resonance, she explains her unique approach towards vision boarding that might be different from traditional goal-setting processes. She provides steps on how to select and group images based on their emotional resonance, rather than their rational or logical relevance to specific goals. She also shares her insights on the importance of patience and openness during this process. She encourages listeners to share their vision boards and engage on her Instagram page, @momwritesfirst.

00:00 Introduction and Podcast Purpose
00:31 The Importance of Vision Boards
01:26 The Reality of New Year's Resolutions
02:23 The Power of Intuition in Achieving Goals
03:58 Creating a Vision Board: Gathering Supplies
04:34 Creating a Vision Board: Selecting Images
06:35 Creating a Vision Board: Assembling the Board
08:41 The Impact of Vision Boards on Personal Growth
09:42 Conclusion and Invitation to Share Vision Boards

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Speaker 1:

Hello my friends, it's Jen. I am just popping in here with a very quick hit episode for you. This episode is all about the power of intuition and how we can use it to create a vision board. Let's go. You are listening to Mom Writes First, the podcast that helps busy moms write every single day. Hello my friends, it's Jen. I am just jumping in here quick with a super fast episode. Literally, I need to be on my way to hockey in like five minutes, and so this is a very short, quick hit episode.

Speaker 1:

But what I want to do is I want to tell you why I think a vision board is so important, and I want to try to encourage you, if you have not done so, using my specific process, to go ahead and try to create a vision board. I think a vision board is really important, and I think it's important because it serves as a daily reminder that we can become this future version of ourselves, and it helps us to keep our eye on the goal, our eye on the prize. However, a vision board to me also is not just about the goal. It's not about whatever problem you're going to try to solve that year. It's not about the goal you're going to reach. It's about who you become in the process of becoming the person who's achieved that goal. Let's think about the timing of this. Right now it is mid January A lot of the luster and radiance of everybody's New Year's resolutions and goals, their New Year, new me kind of take, might be wearing off, and that's okay, that's okay, it's all right.

Speaker 1:

I know that a new year is a really lovely time. I love a new year. I love the feeling of a fresh slate, and there is also something really critical about recognizing that the turning of a calendar page is not enough to help us to create the life we want. We have to do the work and it's not enough to white knuckle our way through that work. We have to become that future version of ourselves, and that, I think, is what is so incredible about vision boarding.

Speaker 1:

Now, the way that I do vision boarding is actually probably different from how you've seen it done in the past. I don't start with your goals, I start with your intuition. It's a process about using your intuition to help you and guide you throughout the next 12 months. So what I like to do at the end of a year or at the end of an era or right ahead of a big transformation, maybe like a big job change or a relationship change, new baby coming into the world, new family member, new endeavor, whatever it is something new is. I like to sit down and embracing that energy, that beauty of what might unfold before you Without any judgment. I like to create a vision board, and it's a vision board that is based on intuition, truly so. You're going to use your powers of intuition and you're going to use the idea of resonance to create a board that is maybe not something that you immediately understand, but is something that is going to deeply resonate with you, and you're going to have the chance then to watch your vision unfold throughout the year. It is really truly a magical process, and I know it sounds very woo and if you've been listening to a long time, you might not know this, but I actually do like a little woo and I use my intuition quite a bit. I try to let it guide me as much as possible, and it's with that energy and that intention that you begin.

Speaker 1:

Step number one gather up your supplies, get all your supplies together. I like to have scissors, glue, magazines, whatever pictures you think you might want to include, all handy and nearby and in my workspace. And then I like to have something kind of special to put my vision board on. For me I use a canvas every year, a square canvas. That for me feels like something that is really particularly meaningful and helps to give it just a little bit more oomph than maybe putting it on some tag board might otherwise feel like. So I like to use a canvas. So get all your supplies.

Speaker 1:

Step two is again from that space of just gentle discernment. You're going to kind of just sit there and start flipping through your magazines or pictures and what you want to do is open that magazine and go kind of quickly through it and just try to go page by page and if a page resonates with you, if it calls to you, rip that page out and set it aside and just keep doing this until you've gone through a number of different magazines or a number of different sources to collect pictures from, and again go through it kind of quickly, just looking, and whenever something appeals to you, pull it out, put it in the pile. Step three once you have that nice little pile, you're going to start going through your pile and cutting out those pictures or those items that resonated with you in particular, and then you're going to group those as you go. You're going to group on by large background pictures, by small, tiny pictures. You're going to group on by words medium sized pictures and make these different groups. And you're not doing this from a place of judgment in any way. You're not doing it from a place of like well, I don't even like frogs, why did I pick out a frog? You're just going to look at it and you're going to ask yourself like, does this resonate with me? You are not judging.

Speaker 1:

Not everything in your pile is going to make it onto your vision board, and that is okay. That is how it should be. There is a time and a season for everything, and as lovely and beautiful as some of those pictures might be, they're not going on this year's vision board, and that's okay. Who is going to decide what goes on the vision board? You, my friend, but not from that part of your brain that is focused on goals, not from the part of your brain that's focused on a promotion or on a certain level of fitness or on doing a remodel on your house. You're not going to focus on it from that perspective. That's not the lens.

Speaker 1:

The lens that we're looking toward here is called resonance. So you're going to look at those pictures. You are going to pick out the ones that most deeply resonate with you. The less you can explain, the better. You're just going to go by feeling. So pick out some big pictures, put them on your board, put out some medium pictures, put them on your board, take some words, whatever you cut out, and start putting those on your boards and start gluing it down Again.

Speaker 1:

You're not judging during this time. You're not trying to figure it out, you're not trying to create a path to a specific ending. This is just about simply what resonates with you. Now, how long does this take? It depends For me. It has taken me, on some years, just a couple of hours, and other years it has taken me several afternoons. It simply depends on whether I am able to put myself in a place of non-judgment, a place of discernment, and whether I'm able to allow that feeling of resonance to guide my actions, as opposed to my own ego, as opposed to the voices in my head that say I should go after this particular goal, or I should try to run this race this year, or I should do this home improvement project, or I should go for this promotion at work. If those are the kinds of thoughts in your head as you're doing this, then take a break.

Speaker 1:

What we want to do instead is truly come at it from a place of resonance and then, once you've done that, you get to stand back and appreciate this beautiful board that you've created.

Speaker 1:

You're not gonna know what all of it means right now hopefully, anyway, you've not made a whole story about what the board is but what you'll find, I think, is that, even though you don't know what it means, even though you can't explain what a particular picture is on there for I think what you're gonna find is that this particular vision board is actually going to be much more meaningful to you.

Speaker 1:

And I think you're gonna get to see over the course of the next year, the course of the next era of your life, how that vision board is going to unfold in your life. And you're gonna get to see that because you were guided by your intuition and that is what makes this process so beautiful and so special when you have questions, when you're not sure of where to go, and you can allow yourself then to use your vision board as a guide to further continue the process of listening to your intuition. You're going to, by doing this vision board in this way, learn to honor that feeling of intuition within yourself and allow it to guide you. You're going to learn to use the power of resonance even more, and so I hope that you will give this a try. I can't wait to see your vision boards. Please, please, please, share them with me. I will post a couple more pictures on my Instagram at momrightsfirst. I cannot wait to hear from you there.

Introduction and Podcast Purpose
The Importance of Vision Boards
The Reality of New Year's Resolutions
The Power of Intuition in Achieving Goals
Creating a Vision Board: Gathering Supplies
Creating a Vision Board: Selecting Images
Creating a Vision Board: Assembling the Board
The Impact of Vision Boards on Personal Growth
Conclusion and Invitation to Share Vision Boards

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